DDoS Mitigation loop

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, one. The total downtime was approximately three seconds.

Many industry experts considered 2016 “The year of the DDoS-for-Ransom” and it continues today. Arbor Networks observes more than 2000 daily DDoS attacks worldwide. This service will protect your community’s Web and/or citizen service applications provided by QScend.

In 2015, there were four attacks that affected the entire network. In the 18 years prior, there were three. That’s an incredible increase.

Yes. Unfortunately, there are complete instructions available online. For $50 or less, an attacker can disrupt our entire network. For $150, an attacker can buy a week-long DDoS attack on the black market, according to TrendMicro Research.

Yes, 15 minutes or less until complete mitigation

Smaller, independent communities tend to be at greater risk due to their fixed resources and limited options to stop a DDoS attack. Our last DDoS attack in November was a city of 20K citizens. That attack was so powerful that it affected the entire data center and strained the resources of their Internet providers.

The protection only works if everyone in the network is protected. To opt-out, you would need to move your hosting to another provider that does not offer DDoS protection services.

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