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Custom Branded App

Give residents the power to connect with you instantly through a customized mobile application. Citizen engagement is easy - residents describe the issue, add an image, and hit submit! Requests are automatically geocoded based on device location and routed into your QAlert system so that staff can manage all requests in one place.

Your app is an extension of your local identity with full custom branding. Residents will know that when they report an issue, it’s going directly to you. And when you respond or ask a question, they can take part in the resolution process by contributing more information to the request record.

Include the services your residents need most, such as:

Social Media Accounts

Trash and Recyling Pickup Dates




Local Restaurants/Attractions

Resident Self-Serve Portal

Residents can accomplish a multitude of tasks through your branded Web portal. They can search the knowledge-base for information, check the status of an existing request, or submit a request for service.

Take engagement up another level through the portal by allowing citizens to create an account, review request status and notifications, and engage in the resolution process by adding comments.

Your branded app syncs with your connected QAlert database, so residents can keep track of all their submissions through their user accounts, on their phones and online.

Features to include:

Service Request Reporting Wizard

Searchable Knowledge-Base

Municipal contact information

Resident Account Creation and Configuration

Notification Configuration (Text, Tweet, Robo Call, Email)

Multi-Channel Civic Engagement

People communicate through a variety of way today, not just via phone. We put a great amount of effort into incorporating the latest tools to increase civic participation. Your residents can engage you and connect with your organization through the channel they most prefer.

Features include:

Submit Service Requests Through Twitter And Email

Rate And Provide Feedback On Knowledge Base Articles

Text A Request To A Dedicated Phone Number

Citizen Dashboards

The QScend MyGov Center lets you tell your story and publish your information the way you want to share it.

By integrating MyGov Center with QAlert, you can share data-driven stories in explainable and understandable ways, and provide your citizens with the information they are looking for, thereby increasing trust and facilitating civic engagement.

MyGovCenter is scalable, allowing you to create a one-stop-shop for all your transparency and open-data needs.

With your MyGov Center dashboard:

Reconnect with Your Public

Empower and engage citizens

Present simple and intuitive charts

Build a Greater sense of Community

Highlight Your Performance