Staff Dashboard

Our back-end system is designed to streamline the request management process. Users can access the knowledge base, check the service request map, and monitor incoming requests - all from the same screen. In no time at all, any user (regardless of technical experience) can master the clean, intuitive CRM interface.

Customizable dashboards allow your staff members to focus on the issues relevant to them and easily manage their workload. Permission-based dashboard views enable management to monitor staff workload at multiple levels, keeping users accountable and service levels high. A fully functional dashboard is available for staff via Desktop or QAlert Mobile iPad App.

Full features include:

Customizable Request Views

Issue Map View

Bulk Edit/Update of Requests

Easy Service Request Entry

Reassign, Update, and Close Service Requests

Access to Full Knowledge Base

QAlert Mobile iPad App

User Notices

Automated Notifications + Reporting

QAlert makes communicating updates easy with automated text, robo-call, tweet, and email responses. Your residents can choose exactly how they want to receive notifications. Custom-branded notifications can be sent automatically to your residents when appropriate.

Automation options:

Branded Emails

Custom Text Responses

Custom Robo-Call Responses

Automatic & Manual Notification Options

Instant Notification Upon Submission (Push/Email/Text)

Robust Routing

Issues are automatically routed to the appropriate staff member, department, or integrated third-party software based on the issue type, geographic location, or an established custom workflow. Escalation features can alert supervisors if issues are overdue, making sure a citizen’s requests are never lost!

To increase accountability, you can use our reporting tools to track request types, close rates, issue statuses, and more. Our library of standard reports plus the report builder tool, assures you can easily identify trends and municipal performance.

Examples include:

Route by Request Type, Geographic Location or Due Date

Easily Configurable Reminders

Back-Up Routing

Manual & Automatic Routing Options

Customizable Reports

Graphic Data Visualization


IBM Maximo