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Easy to Use, User-Friendly Tool
In no time at all, all users (regardless of technical experience) can master the clean, intuitive CRM interface. Through the Web-based, desktop software, staff can easily complete a number of tasks within a single browser window.

Call centers and 311 initiatives benefit from the "Call Center" area, which allows your users to accomplish all they need to through our one-screen view, from entering a request, to searching for previous submissions and knowledgebase articles, to reviewing the complete history of each issue’s resolution process.

The route-based service request area allows responding staff members to focus on the issues relevant to themselves and easily prioritize their workloads. Managers can monitor staff workload at multiple levels, keeping users accountable and service levels high.

Features include:

Customizable Request Views

Issue Map View

Bulk Edit/Update of Requests

Easy Service Request Entry

Reassign, Update, and Close Service Requests

Access to Full Knowledge Base

QAlert Mobile iPad App

User Notices


Routing, Updates, and Notifications
From automated routing and escalations (tailored by service request type), to staff and submitter notifications, QAlert makes it easy for everyone to be aware of requests and stay in the loop through automatic email updates. No issue ever gets lost or goes unresolved.

When it’s time to update a submitter on progress, a simple check mark triggers notifications from staff. In addition to email, you can configure and automate custom-branded responses to the public via multiple channels, including robo-calls, texts, and tweets.

Features include:

Routing by Due Date

Branded Emails

Custom Text Responses

Custom Robo-Call Responses

Automatic & Manual Notification Options

Instant Notification Upon Submission (Push/Email/Text)


Interactive Reporting Dashboard and Big Data
Through reporting, every user has the opportunity to view information to make educated decisions about tasks and work schedules, to offer guidance and advice to co-workers and third-party contractors, and to analyze and recommend adjustments to work processes.

Easily see key indicators in a glance, real time, for benchmarking, safeguarding, and performance measurement. You also can use the charts and reports in your open data initiative by embedding them in your website.

Features include:

Scheduled Reports

Email Delivery

Real-time Data Analysis

Interactive Charts

Open and Transparent Government


Responding and Reporting from the Field
How much time does your staff waste going back and forth to the office to pick up or drop off each day’s assignments? Eliminate that paperwork, increase efficiency, and shorten response times.

With the QAlert Mobile iPad companion app, you can change downtime into productive time by allowing staff to manage citizen service requests in the field, easily and quickly document the work done with before and after images, and generate new requests for other issues they notice.

Request data and mapping are updated in real time between QAlert Mobile and its connected QAlert database, which means office staff can review and assist on any issue, and know what work is being done at any time.

Features include:

On the Fly Response

Find Near Me Mapping

Voice to Text Commenting

Image Attachments

Service Request Entry

Customized Data Collection

Connection Protection

Citizen Dashboards

Powerful, Interactive Public Dashboards
The QScend MyGov Center is an interactive reporting and performance data platform that plugs right into your QAlert web portal.

Using our seamless integration, your organization can leverage your QAlert data, reusing and sharing it to enhance your relationships with your staff and your citizens.

Create interactive charts around your service requests, inquiries, and concerns to show off all you do and how you achieve your goals.

With your MyGov Center dashboard:

Create Engagement Internally

Empower Citizens

Improve Transparency

Build Trust with Visual Storyboards

Instill a Greater Sense of Community Belonging

Highlight Your Performance


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